September 2020

 God has done so much in a month. I don't normally count numbers, but for the sake of helping you to see how big of a deal this is, I counted. We're in the third week of school, and our ministry is serving between 80 and 100 students every week through cores (small groups). THAT'S AMAZING. Considering that student organizations are not allowed, because of the pandemic, to meet in groups on campus, or to advertise for group events, God is still bringing people into the kingdom. We have 17 small groups that are meeting outside, socially distanced, with 7 or less people. You can check out what those cores discuss here:

I'm leading two of those cores with two different student leaders. In just 3 weeks of school, my two cores have 13 consistent girls coming, and more coming inconsistently. We've got young women from all different kinds of churched and non-churched backgrounds.

One is experiencing the freedom that God has to offer her in exchange for her legalistic views of 'quiet times'. One is finally letting go of her shame in exchange for God's grace. One is just beginning to believe, for the first time in her life, that she belongs in God's family. One is learning to think for herself for the very first time, since she grew up in a world where every question either had an answer or was condemned for being faithless. 

As I've begun meeting and reading the scriptures with them, they've begun to really hear God. The Word is making its way into their lives and has begun changing them, just as its still changing me after all this time.  

I'm compelled to add here, that even as he pursues these young people, he is also in pursuit of you. God's transformative power is not limited to the young, nor his profound revelation, nor his vast grace. He loves you as only the best father can. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you'd like. Perhaps one will stick out to you and God will use it in your life. 

How has God been pursuing you lately? Have you been able to discern his voice in the busyness of your life? Or perhaps in the stillness of it? In what ways has God loved you lately? What has God been trying to teach you lately? Has he disciplined you lately? Has he encouraged you lately? Has he begun a transformation in you lately? Comforted you lately? Has he used anything or anyone around you to inspire your worship, call forth your gratitude, or deepen your resolve to follow him to the end? 

If you're struggling to see God's pursuit of you, please call me. I'd love the opportunity to pray for you. In whatever life stage you find yourself, God is doing things in your life. I'm praying that God gives you ears to hear him, and eyes to see him this week. 

Love and thanks to you all, 
Kristen Paz 
Campus Missionary at Collin College 

Here's one of my cores! We grew 3 more people the week after this. The circle is getting large. 

I made a sign. 

Here's my peer team after a night of swimming. All of these girls chose to sacrifice large chunks of their free time to the pastoring of God's people. We call ourselves "the spunks". 

Here is our leader team praising God, gladly, in the blazing sun, all wearing masks.


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