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August 2020

In the past few months, my work, at times, has felt like a sludge through thick mud. Odds are that you can relate. Last week I realized that I'd been simply going through the motions of pastoral care, a bit disconnected from the majesty of the God who called me to it. I'd wake up, attend my virtual meetings with the team or students, attend to my admin work to make sure things stayed organized, check up on the handful of students in my care who are in precarious situations, study the word or a book to aid in my ministry. In all of that, life began to feel monotonous. My sense of urgency waned. 

So I prayed. And I asked others to pray. I prayed that God would renew me - that I'd remember how magical it felt to hear God call, and then to respond, trembling, "here I am Lord, send me!" (Isaiah 6:8).

And then, I watched 'Parks and Recreation' on Netflix for the better part of a Saturday. It was a lot of fun and didn't at all feel very spiritual. But it was j…

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