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May 2019

In FOCUS, we have a saying. One on one is how it's done.

I met Reagann when she was a sophomore at UNT; I was a junior. We studied Focus On Jesus together (a one on one Bible study tool that we offer students). That same year she joined my small group, and we've lived together for the last three years.

We weren't likely friends at first. She was quiet and composed; I was an opinionated firework. On paper, our friendship didn't really make sense. But we both loved Jesus, so he worked the rest of it out. We learned to serve one another, to value each other's strengths while being mindful of our own weaknesses. Basically, God taught us how to love each other. And we do, imperfectly albeit, but we do.

What's beautiful about Jesus-centered community is that things like this happen all the time. Two people who wouldn't otherwise be friends at all, find themselves knit together in Jesus' name. In FOCUS, we understand that no-one can become more like Jesus in a…

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