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January 2019

Happy New Year! This past year seems to have gone by so quickly. I hope that yours has been full of sweet moments between you, God, and the people He's placed in your life. Mine certainly has.

Today, I recognize how outstandingly wealthy I am. In comparison with the majority of the world, who lack access to education and shelter and drinking water, I have more than most people could dream of. I live in a comfortable home, own a (mostly) reliable car, and never worry about my next meal. I have shoes without holes in the bottom, access to health care, information and technology at my fingertips, and a platform to be heard.

As if that weren't enough, I have community. A fulfilling job training up the next leaders of God's kingdom. A team of donors that make it possible for me to do what I love.

It seems only fitting that we who have more than enough should serve the God who provides it. I pray that as this year begins, God breathes his Spirit freshly upon you, readying you to…

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