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November 2020

  I hope you are doing well, and that you enjoy these pictures of the students your generosity serves.  Jordan and Stephanie helped me make our student org sign for the Collin Spring Creek campus. I meet with each of them weekly, and co-lead small groups with each of them. They're both growing towards God in different ways. I'm excited to see how God will continue to transform them over the next several years.  Pedro and I got our cores (small groups) together for some socially distanced volleyball. We're trying to give them opportunities to interact with the broader community while still staying safe!  We planned a night of worship for them a few weeks ago to help them connect with God. A little over 50 students showed up on a cold night to praise Jesus.  This is a small group of students attending our annual leadership conference. About half of these students are already leaders in our community, and the other half are first year students who have a lot of potential for l

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