May 2020

I'm still in disbelief that this semester has played out the way it has. The campuses have been closed, students have gone back to their homes to finish classes online, and all of our normal in-person end-of-year celebrations have been cancelled. And yet, as the world has come to a stop, God continues to move. 

Ashley, blue shirt on the bottom, has been in my core (small group) since around October. She grew up believing in the existence of God, but never knew how to have a relationship with him. Last week in our final core of the semester, we asked each girl to reflect on what God had done for them this past year. Ashley said something like this: 'I feel like my relationship with God isn't just one-sided anymore. I'm starting to experience what it's like to discern his voice in my life, through both prayer and scripture. I used to think that I needed a priest of some kind to have a relationship with God for me, but it's becoming more personal now.' Please pray for her as she begins to lead her own Bible study this summer with friends from high school! I'm so proud of this girl! 

There are so many stories this year just like hers. In these last few weeks, I've seen God reveal himself to so many students. Jenna (top left) is learning the God is her good father. Bridgett (middle left) is learning to trust God with her emotions and has begun to let some walls down. Becca (middle right) is letting go of perfectionism and embracing Jesus's easy yoke. Melissa (not pictured) is learning to stay close to God even as life get's busy. And that's just 1 core out of 18. 

I've started meeting with students from Plano already, and will be updating you all on the transition this summer! I'm as committed as ever to making and maturing disciples on the college campuses. Thank you for investing faithfully. God is still working, so we are too! I'll continue to give him my best efforts to see his vision realized on these campuses. 

I'm praying for all of you often, that you might continue to give your best efforts to God. Your labor is not in vain. He is on the move. 

Yours on the campus, 


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