April 2020

So much has happened in the last month. It's really been a wild ride, as we've figured out what ministry looks like now that the campuses are closed. I'm excited to be able to give you an update, and perhaps encourage you with the many incredible things God's been up to. I know things are crazy out there right now, so I want to take the opportunity to brag about God and celebrate what he's up to. 

But first, I'm so thankful for your partnership in missions. I'm praying for you and your family during this pandemic, asking God that you would all see his kingdom more clearly and trust in him more fully as the days go on. Please let me know how you are doing, if you have specific prayer requests, or if there's any tangible need that I could help meet! Toilet paper, food, you name it. I'd love to be able to help if I can! 

Now, for the good news: 
  1. God went before us, BIG time. He developed technology like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Twitch, FaceTime, and the like long before this virus came along. Praise him! And not only that, but I get to work with the generation who can't remember life apart from the iPhone. We may be geographically separated, but our community remains together. The adjustment to moving all of our one on ones, small groups, and fellowship times has been remarkably smooth. Here are some pictures: 
    • This is our leader meeting. We were waiting on the rest of the group to "zoom in", so this is only about half of the team. It's so neat to be able to see all 37 of us on one screen, from the comfort of our pj's.
    • Here are a few gals from our core (small group). We still "hangout" every week, and continue to seek Jesus together. Bridgett will be joining our staff team next year as a pastoral apprentice! Please, pray specifically for her as God is leading her into emotional freedom! 
  2. The Lord led me to start reading Experiencing God by the Blackabys with 8 different girls in our ministry and it's already been so fruitful. If ever there were a time for young people to become depressed or anxious, fall into sin and darkness, and distance themselves from the God who loves them, it's right now. They are geographically removed from their Christian friends, have tons of free time on their hands with nothing to do, and are operating under almost zero structure. He's placed a real sense of urgency in me to exhort these girls to stay close to the Father's heart, connected to the vine.
    • If you're looking for a way to reconnect with God, I fully recommend this book and would be happy to read it along side you and discuss it if that would be helpful!
  3. We started our Pizza Theology series this past Sunday over Heaven, Hell, and Everything In Between. Our team thought it a fitting topic for the times. Since it's online, you are welcome to sit in with us for the next 2 Sundays! Here is Garrett's teaching on Heaven. Super encouraging, and practical for today as well as tomorrow. If you want a glimpse of what our ministry teaching is like, this is a good example. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/584326486 This coming Sunday, Brandon will teach on hell. If you're interested in learning more about what the Bible has to say about hell, or if you know anyone who might be, feel free to tune in!
So all in all, God's still moving. God's still the great Campus Minister. God's still in control. God's still good. In addition to those hurting in the world and our healthcare professionals, please pray for these students as they navigate life back at home and seek to honor God with their families. Please pray for God's kingdom to grow and take deep root in their lives. And lastly, please pray for Pedro and I, as we're moving to Plano this Friday! 

THANK YOU for everything you do for the kingdom of God! Thank you for your friendship and kindness over the years! 

Many blessings of provision, 
Kristen Paz 
Campus Missionary 


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