December 2019

I hope you've had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. Things have been going well on the campus. Here's a quick update on the last month: 

Emily, a freshman at TWU, got baptized! She's one of those butterfly Christians. She was one person, and in the Lord she has become another. The old is passing away before my very eyes and it's a great joy to get to see. (1 Cor 5:17)

All of our core (our small group) came out to support her and cheer her on. 

From left to right, that's Becca (my new co-leader), me, Melissa, Ashley, Bridgett, and Emily. Becca stepped into lead with me since as of 3 weeks ago, we are officially an all-girls core. It's been a great change! Already they're more open to vulnerability and friendship with one another. Peppa (my puppy) has become a bit of a mascot for our core. 

If you're wondering what our staff meetings usually look like, this is a pretty good picture. Garrett, the man in the baby winter hat, is our Denton director. Next to him is Chelsea (holding Jack) and then Reagann. All of these people have been great friends to me this semester. Garrett challenges me weekly to love and trust Jesus; and he's become family to Pedro and I. God used Chelsea to help heal our team of individual hurts; and he uses Reagann to bring us order. These are just 3 of a team of wonderful people that I get to do ministry alongside of every day. Couldn't get much better than this. 

Speaking of Jack (the little guy in the lap), here's a picture of him in a "future FOCUS student" onesie when he was super little.

As many of you know, our annual Keep Focus Growing fundraiser is in full swing. It's my hope that FOCUS will still be around when this little guy is in college, that our ministry would be healthily following Jesus and ready to invite him in. College years really are so formative for people, and Jesus moves greatly in peoples' lives through this ministry. I'm a testament to that, as is Emily, and so many others. On December 3rd, otherwise known as "Giving Tuesday" we're hoping to meet our $36,000 goal for the year. All of the donations given tomorrow will be matched by generous donors; so if you choose to give your money will go further. The best way to give will be on Facebook at I'll share this on my personal Facebook page so it's easy for you to find. However, if you'd rather go through our website you absolutely can, just go to

As always, thank you for all that you already do to support campus missions. I'm praying that you all have a restful break, even if it's short lived, this Christmas. Let me know if there's any way that I can be a blessing to you. 

All my best, 
Kristen Paz 


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