September 2019

Hi! I hope that this newsletter finds you in good health and joy. I thank God for you and the support you've given me along the way. Ministry is in full swing here in Denton. I'm sorry to get this update to you so late in the month, a lot has happened:

Core started! I get to lead core, or small group, with my good buddy Ryan. The first week of school we started out with 4 of us, and God has since grown our little group to 11. It's definitely a diverse bunch of people. We meet in my tiny house every Tuesday night and talk about Jesus and encourage each other to follow him. Please pray that God teaches us to build one another up. 

On top of that, I'm getting to study the Bible with a handful of girls one on one. They've all been such a blast! Emily and I just covered genesis. When I asked her how much of the Bible she was familiar with, she replied, "I've never even opened the book." How neat that God is letting me read through his word with someone who's never heard it! Please pray for Emily as she gets to know her Lord, and for our friendship along the way. 

We're also about to finish our first sermon series called 'Do You Know The Man Jesus?' at our Thursday Night Fellowships. I got to preach a sermon on Jesus's character. He really is so different than what many people think. He isn't distant and impersonal like people think he is. He's not unforgiving or threatening. He's near and he's good and inviting and merciful. Please ask Jesus to help our staff and students to grasp who he really is, and to take him at his word. 

Lastly, as many of you know, our staff team all fundraises our own support. In Denton, we have a monthly deficit of $1,829 in salary. So, we're in the red each month by nearly 2 grand. Including myself, there are 7 full time staffers who spend 45+ hours of their week investing in these students for the sake of the kingdom. We really believe that God's called us to this mission field, a plentiful harvest with too few workers. If any of you know of anyone who might be interested giving towards this deficit, please email, call, or text me.

As always, let me know if there's any way that I can be praying for you. Thankful for all you do for the kingdom.

Your friend,
Kristen Paz

Our first Thursday Night Fellowship of the year! We packed out the room so much that many of us had to sit on the floor.

We always help freshman move into their dorms. This year, we met more people that I can remember in years past. It's sweaty but good.

The start of our first core. We talked about friendship and Jesus and how the two go together like cucumbers and vinegar.

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