July 2019

I hope that you've had a chance to get some good time with God this summer. We just got back from our honeymoon! I'm officially Kristen Paz. It was nice to take a step away from the hustle and bustle of college ministry for a week. I was able to recenter, and am excited to be back at work this morning.

The church that we visited in Florida is in the middle of a sermon series called In-Transit. Summer is a season of transition for lots of people - for the college students I work with, for myself as a newly wed, and I'm sure for many of you. There are so many things to be in prayer for amidst seasons of transition. Their pastor said something that stuck out to me, it went something like: 'it doesn't matter so much that you get to your destination, what matters to God is who you are while you're on your way.'

I'll include a link here if you'd like to listen. They've been a great reminder to me - of whose I am, why that matters, and what it means to be content. http://www.thecity.church/messages 

So of all the things that you could be praying for, and all the things you already are, I ask that you'd spend some time this week praying for these things too.
  • We're still in the process of picking our student leaders for this next year. It's one of those things that we want to let God be in control of. Please pray that we'd hear him clearly and get out of his way. 
  • Our new Denton staff team is still getting to know each other. Please pray for Darby, Garrett, and Drew as they are all in seasons of transition. They'll be working with new students, on new campuses, and on a new team. 
  • This last semester was a hard one for me. I experienced some pretty bad anxiety that I didn't know how to handle. Going into this next school year, there's a bit of fear in not knowing what is going to happen. Whatever lies ahead, God will be there and give the strength I need to do whatever he asks. But, prayers for peace and protection would be appreciated. 
  • Pray for Pedro as he gets situated in a new city. It's my hope for him that he begins to feel at home, rooted and established in God's presence there. Pray that he learns the new roads quickly. 
  • I'm hovering around 76% fundraised. I've got the rest of the summer to meet my goal for the year. Please pray that God would provide however he sees fit. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, so I'm not super worried. 

Thank you for all your support. Praying for you today, and whatever transitions you or your loved ones may be facing. 

Let me know if you want to set up some time to catch up soon.

Yours on the campus,
Kristen Paz

The new Denton team. 
Ryan Bristow, Darby Cleveland, and Drew Cleveland, me, Shayla Trotter, Garrett Davis, and Reagann Keller 


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