March 2019

I hope that you are doing well; and I'm praying for you. I'm very thankful for your investment in my life and ministry. It's hard to communicate what all your prayers and investments go towards in these quick updates. But here's a snapshot:

Hinds Feet on High Places: 
There is joy on the other side of obedience. That's my song that I'll be singing for the rest of my days. It's the thing that God's most consistently pressed on my heart over the last 5 years. There is joy on the other side of obedience. After all, it was for joy that He endured the cross (Her 12). I read Hinds' Feet on High Places over winter break as a bit of light reading, and found that it was something our girls would be encouraged by. I assigned it to my peer team (leaders are readers) and I'd encourage you to give it a read as well!

Pizza Theology: 
Myself and some other FOCUS staff got to teach on Exodus at this semesters Pizza Theo. My section was on the tabernacle. I 'focused' on the 4 main ways in which God has tabernacled with his people throughout history. Our students were impacted by the truth - that God only dwells in the finest materials, which says a lot about our value to him. 
I'm the one on stage in the middle. 

Sermon Series: 
We finished up our Got Grit? sermon series, encouraging our students to persevere in their pursuits of Jesus while not taking themselves too seriously. You can listen to this series on our website if you're interested! We just started our Pillow Talk sermon series, wherein we're talking through sexuality in dating, singleness, and marriage. Our students have so many questions about what it means to relate to the opposite sex in a Biblically appropriate context. This time of year is always fun, as they begin the terrors and thrills of navigating new relationships. We're trying to equip them to think like Jesus, and make Godly decisions for themselves.

Here are some more pictures for ya: 

Opal and I meet at Brittany's house while Willow eats her morning apples.

P and I are almost done with Pre-Engagement counseling! We realized that we took the same picture as the book cover we've been making fun of for the past 2 months. Haha, go figure. 
Ways to pray: 
  • That my peer team girls would find the joy in being obedient to God. 
  • That our TWU ministry would continue to grow and develop leaders. (We're sending 5 of them to SICM this summer for leadership training!!) 
  • That Pedro and I would make a decision that God's in, and honor Him along the way. 

Thank you all so much.
K Stroud 


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