At this point, I'm not surprised by how faithful God has been. I've seen him do too many things, transform too many lives, to doubt his goodness. This semester has been no different. 

Our staff has the best job in the world. Who else gets to go to a Rock n' Roll Christmas party with lively college students to celebrate Jesus. 
Of the many young women that I've gotten to spend time with this year, I've only had weekly time with 8 of them. My peer team (this group of 8 student leaders) have all experienced God's faithfulness in more ways than one.

I thought you might like to hear a small piece of what he's doing in a few of them: 
  • Coral is learning to let go of her perfectionism. She's naturally very high-control, which doesn't work in ministry. The girls in her core cannot be 'fixed'; they are not projects that she can take on and manage. Only God can transform them through his Spirit, likes he's doing in her. She's beginning to find peace in that. 
  • I started meeting with Angel over the summer. Back then, she was high-anxiety and full of doubt in God's plan for her. She had a hard time understanding why God would ask her to do hard things, to do the work of repentance and submitting anxiety to God. She wanted him to snap his fingers and make her grow really fast without any work on her part. Now the semester is coming to an end, and she's learned to trust in his ways. She's become a model of repentance for our community, and a beacon of hope and joy. 
  • Bridgett is almost unrecognizable. A young women with a pretty severe fear of speaking aloud, she used to keep all of her thoughts to herself. She masked her inhibition with phrases like: "I'm just a quiet person" and "I'm too shy". She's still more on the quiet side, but she's learning to use her voice to speak life into the girls around her. She's becoming less and less afraid to be herself, having found freedom in God's view of herself. 

I can and would share more if I thought I wouldn't end up writing an 10,000 word email. Just know that your monthly prayers and donations are going a long way, not just for their sakes but for mine too.

I had them over for Christmas. UNT and TWU competed for the best ginger bread house.

That's Bridgett on the left.


Thank you! Your prayers and investments have gone such a long way. Please let me know if there is anything I can be praying for you about! 
  • That our students would be warm and well-fed this Christmas. Some of them are facing homelessness, others abandonment by their families. 
  • That God would know how grateful we are for his generosity from our Keep FOCUS Growing campaign. He raised over $75,000 so that FOCUS can expand to more campuses! YAY! 
Yours on the campus, 

Camus Missionary, UNT & TWU Denton 


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