The School Year Begins

I'll be heading up FOCUS at Texas Woman's University this year! 

My time will be perfectly split between TWU and UNT this year. It's been so neat to get to experience what God is doing on a different campus! Our student leaders at TWU have taken ownership of God's mission. They've been out on campus meeting people every day since school started, seeking to invite people into God's family. 

These are some of our student leaders at TWU for the year. The laughter in this picture is genuine. They are a fun crew. 

Here they are again, planning what they wanted to do for outreach during the first few days of students being on campus. 

We've been setting out picnic blankets and inviting people to come a hangout with us. We've already made some new friends! 

More picnic pics! 

TWU is mainly made up of female students. So, our mens side of the ministry has always been small. While we were eating lunch in the student union, this group of FOCUS boys decided to sit together. There were tables upon tables of women, and one little pocket of men who are interested in seeking Jesus together. How neat! That's Claudia, our Tdub president, front and center. 

I tried to arm wrestle David. Even using two hands and all of my strength, I was defeated. 

On the second day of freshman moving in, we invited them to a movie night at a student leader's house. Look how many people showed up!

Move in: 

Every year, we move new freshman and some returning students into their dorms in order to serve and reach out. I forgot to take pictures of TWU move in, but here are some of UNT! 

Brittany couldn't decide where to put her face in this picture. I can't help but think that's so funny. 

Erin and Angel were having a laugh-jump contest? 

Ways to pray: 

  • Pray for our corefas as they plan their small groups and begin investing in their new friends! Ask God to give them wisdom beyond their years, and love beyond their capabilities. 
  • Pray for the students on these campuses to hear the voice of God and be drawn into real, life-giving community. Ask the Spirit to show them the reality of his kingdom hope on earth. 
  • Pray for our staff as we begin meeting with new students and ministering as best we can! Ask God to help us get behind what he's already doing in their lives.  
  • Pray a prayer of thanks. I love my job; and I'm very thankful to all of you for making a way for me to be on campus full-time! Thank him for all he's doing on the campuses, and for making a way for all of us to play a part in his work! What a joy and honor! 

More random pictures: 

Here's our orientation booth. That's Crystal and Michah in the back, waiting to welcome new students to campus and invite them to community. 

Every year, we host a Welcome Week Prep mini-course to help prepare students to outreach on campus during the first few weeks of school. 

We got to join in an all-campus worship event, in the middle of the library mall at UNT. It was sweet to hear students praising God on their campus. 

We invited the girl corefas (small group leaders) to our house to get to know each other. This is us playing get-to-know-you Jenga.


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