May Adventures!

The Student Institute of Campus Ministry 

We recently took an amazing group of young students to the Student Institute of Campus Ministry for a week of training. They learned how to practically minister to their peers on campus, and were able to create lasting friendships along the way! This group of upcoming FOCUS leaders are fired up about what God wants to do through them. Please be in prayer for our staff and these students as we have conversations about whether leading a core this coming school year is a good fit for them. That's one of the most important things that happens during the summer.

God really showed up in amazing ways at SICM. Our students caught visions for themselves, as people who He loves and has big plans for. 

Angel, Mya, and Brayden are praying for their week at SICM! 

I'll be spending time at Texas Women's University this school year, in addition to my time at North Texas. Chisom, Bridgett, and Nicole will be leading on that campus with me! 

Here's the whole Denton crew at the border of Canada! 

We stopped to get dinner at a popular burger place. These three goofballs were full of friendship and silliness. Alyssa, Chris, and Emily have all been leading their peers towards Jesus. I can't wait to see what impact they'll have this upcoming year! 
Alexea, Beth, Orion, and Isabella at SICM! 

Cynthia and Greg hosted me for the week of SICM! They opened their home to Isabella and I, fed us meals, and shared their lives with us for a week! 

Here we are seeing mountains for the first time with Greg and Cynthia! 

This is our attempt at a human pyramid. It's a bit lop sided, but it'll do. 

Next Year

There are so many things to look forward to! UNT FOCUS recently received a $12,000 grant to invest in evangelism! We're looking into purchasing a portable ball pit, hosting monthly spike ball tournaments, and even having a weekly Story Time to engage the students at that campus. Pray a prayer of thanks to God for providing for that need! Ask him to give us the wisdom to use that money in the best way. 

You're looking at the 2018-2019 Denton staff team! We'll be spending our time investing in students, getting to know them and pointing them to Jesus. There were ants in the grass, so it took us a while to get a photo of all smiles. 

With love,


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