Treasure Hunting and February Fun

Thank you! 

I have one of the best jobs in the world because of your generosity and kindness. Thank you so much for helping me do what God's called me to do! 

Beth got baptized!! She's both elated and super cold in this picture! Praise God for what He's done in her life over the past couple of years! 

Treasure Hunting & Bad Tattoos 

If you're not having fun doing campus ministry, you're doing something wrong. We've been having so much fun trying new things this past month! In an effort to live like 'Sent Ones', we've been getting creative with some of our outreach events. Bad Tattoos is one of our favorites. We set up 'shop' with washable skin crayons and invite people to spend some time with us getting a poorly done, unprofessional tattoo. Students love doing this; and we've met some great people! Another favorite of mine is Treasure Hunting. It's not only quick and easy; it's so fun! Feel free to give it a try!  

How to Treasure Hunt: 
  1. Take a minute to pray and settle your mind. 
  2. When you're ready, start a timer for 45 seconds. Write down whatever comes to mind in that tiny period of time. It can be a name, a pattern, a color, a place, or any other noun. Don't try to filter out words that seem irrelevant! Just write it all down. 
  3. When your 45 seconds are up, take your list and go look for someone who fits that description! When you find someone, ask them how're they're doing and tell them about Jesus! 
Alex's list included the word 'orangutan'. He wasn't sure what to do with that, but he actually heard a musician making orangutan sounds in the syndicate while he was out treasure hunting! Mateo wrote down 'purple, jacket, and mohawk'. He sat with a guy who had a mohawk, and shortly after another guy joined them who was wearing a purple jacket! Kennedy went treasure hunting with just 3 words: red, rainboots, and plaid. Listen to what happened: 
“The words God put on my heart were ‘red, rainboots, and plaid,’ not necessarily in that order. Literally 30 seconds after I prayed, I saw a girl wearing a red raincoat and plaid rainboots. God told me to go up to her and tell her that God sent me to ask how she was doing and see if she wanted to talk about anything. We ended up having a great conversation; she said she isn’t sure what she believes spiritually, but is open to the possibility of learning. I got her number, she might check out Focus, and I’m really excited to hopefully establish a friendship with her. I’m continually blown away by what happens when I let God lead!” -Kennedy Thornton, UNT Junior 
Brittany was our best tattooer by far. Here's a close of up Unicow, a crowd favorite. 

Bad Tattoos at TWU was a hit! I'm still not sure what Morgan is doing with her arms in this picture. 

Pizza Theology 

Pizza theology was this past Sunday! We spent 4 hours learning about the second coming of Jesus. So many of us where struck by the profound hope this reality offers - Jesus is coming back, soon. What a comforting and challenging truth! 

Pizza Theology Spring 2018
On our way to pizza theology! We got to sing a song that we wrote called Treasure Keeper! (Sorry about David showing off his arm muscles. We thought it was funny.) 

These sweet nuggets stole my phone. 

Kennedy and I at Pizza Theology. I've got to work on my resting face. I promise I was in a great mood! 

Stay tuned for next month's blog! We've got some exciting things on the calendar for March! 

Your apprentice on mission, 
K Stroud


  1. I loved reading this, Kristen. I am so encouraged by all the cool things God is up to in your ministry!

  2. I love the idea of treasure hunting! What a cool way to practice listening to God and allowing him to guide your outreach on campus. Thanks for sharing!


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